About Us


Hi, my name is Aaron Reiten. I’m the owner of The Estates Yard Care and I’d like to thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our company. The EYC has been cutting grass and pushing snow since 1993. Our company has seen real change since we started our first lawn mower and shoveled our first driveway. I was only 14 and I didn’t even have a drivers license at that time. I started learning from a very young age what clients were looking for. I learned that customer service was everything and that providing the best quality product was mandatory for a long business relationship. I also picked up on the realization that I didn’t like losing business. Good news is expected and rarely spoke about, but bad new travels like wild fire. I needed to look after everyone of my clients and make it our mission to be the last property maintenance company our client would have.  

Who We Are and Who We Cater To

The Estates Yard Care is a grounds maintenance company, catering to commercial properties and residential condominiums year round.

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